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Three Times Over

Having been established in Melksham for so many years we sometimes feel we are part of the area almost as much as the properties we sell. We’ve taken great pride in welcoming new homeowners there over the years, and sadly said our fair share of farewells too. We’ve seen businesses, shops and restaurants open up and hopefully thrive, although the pandemic has clearly exerted its pressure on many, and we wish them all well.

We recently sold a house in Hazelwood Road the third time in 18 years! This is by no means unique (when you have been around as long as we have this is bound to happen). It actually becomes quite personal for the estate agent handling the sale – they may have actually known the house longer than anyone who has ever lived there. We knew it when the garden was overgrown, we knew if before the extension was built on with a conservatory (and what a great idea that was too), we knew it when the kids were playing on their tricycles and remember when the L-plates then appeared on their car some years later.

Buyers are always interested when we recount memories of how a property used to be and we realise, like storytellers of old, that we are the only living link to that property’s past.

If the owner of a house is its current custodian, then perhaps the estate agent is its curator – the person who finds buyers, facilitates the right fit and arranges transitions between people and property, negotiating all the hurdles along the way. It’s a huge responsibility, and one we take not only seriously, but personally.

Maybe we are too connected to what we do, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Passion, pride, determination and our local reputation drive us to new heights every day, and our wonderful clients are so generous in their testimonials it brings a tear to our eye. With us, it really is personal!

Why not put us to the test on 01225 707342 and find out if we have ever sold your house before. Maybe we could make history together!

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