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As we all battle through the current lockdown in our own way, the Melksham property market is surprisingly buoyant. This is perhaps inevitable as we are still playing catch-up from the restrictions of the first lockdown when sales transaction numbers plunged by around 50%. Transaction levels are still down.

But current market activity remains incredibly high, despite the fact that anyone looking to buy now is unlikely to be able to take advantage of the Stamp Duty concession, worth up to £15,000 but due to be withdrawn at the end of next month.

The robust nature of the UK property market means that it is more mature and less fickle than some commentators have suggested. In our view, the SDLT concession in itself has not necessarily prompted more people to buy than would have otherwise done so. Nor has it directly put upward pressure on house prices even though last month’s average house price rose by 6.4% on last year.

From my initial contact with Nigel the managing director of Lock & Key and his staff i found the overall experience of selling my house to be painless and pleasurable. Nigel took the time to answer any questions i had with confidence, which i found to be very reassuring. This continued right through to the successful sale of my property. Nigel completed an online tour of my property which was posted online with my for sale advert which included footage of the street with voice over.

I am confident when i say that the way my sale advert was put together played at massive part in securing a quick and successful sale. I would like to take this opportunity of thanking Nigel and his staff for the service and support given and would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking for a good estate agent.

Mr Stokes, Martigny Road, Melksham

We previously bought our property through Lock & Key and found the service as a buyer helpful, so when we were looking to sell our place, they seemed like an obvious choice. When Nigel came over to inspect our house, he was polite, respectful, and friendly. Possible right house, right time, but Nigel achieved our full asking price on the same day we instructed him, and before the house was put on the market. I'm confident that had this not been the case that Nigel and Julie would have worked hard to ensure that not only we sold our property, but we did so for a fair price for both us and the eventual buyers. All our encounters have been friendly and good natured, all our questions were answered, and a strong knowledge of the local property market was evident. I'd have no hesitation recommending selling or buying a house with Lock & Key in the future. Mr S Ridd, Saxifrage Bank, Melksham Feb 2021.


Very professional and extremely pro-active. Even in the testing Covid environment that we find ourselves in. I received much better service than I have with other estate agents in the past. As a customer, I can’t stress enough the importance of being pro-active when selling or buying a house and Nigel absolutely delivered. I highly recommend Lock & Key. Simon Stallard, Manstons Close, Melksham. Feb 2021

2020 saw the housing market end in a strong fashion, but naturally, many people question how long this will last.

As we move into 2021, it is a perfect opportunity for people to familiarise themselves with the local housing market. The market ended 2020 on a high, and here in Melksham, we have seen a lot of activity.

At Lock & Key, we are here to help Melksham homeowners connect with buyers, and sell their home. One of our key roles is knowing who the most likely buyers are, and in the past year, there has been a shift in who is buying homes in areas outside of London.

Even though virtual viewings have been common this year, buyers are still paying close attention when they look at a property up for sale.

The stamp duty holiday deadline is looming, and there are some backlogs in the industry. We appreciate some people are questioning whether they should look to sell their home right now.

With the introduction of the stamp duty holiday, it is no surprise to see there is a considerable amount of activity in the housing market. Since the market re-opened in May, there has been a lot of activity, but the new measure has raised the demand to a greater level.

Whether you are buying or selling a home, it is helpful to know what buyers are searching for.

The stamp duty holiday has encouraged a lot of activity in the property market of late. At Lock & Key, we have worked closely with many local buyers and vendors, and we know people are looking for guidance and assistance in the property market.

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