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Buying and selling property is very rarely straightforward. It can be a lengthy time consuming process, with perhaps unexpected hurdles along the way. At Lock and Key we want to help you make the whole process as stress free as possible and we believe we can do more than anyone to help you find the right buyer, at the best possible price, with an absolute minimum of unnecessary stress. We want you to market your property with us not because you have to but because you want to.

Here are a few of the main reasons why:



Our service

office Buying and selling your home requires an investment of time......which is exactly the strength of Lock and Key. We won' t simply rush in, measure up, stick it in the window and hope for the best. We will take the time and trouble to understand all relevant aspects of your situation and then we will work with you to achieve what you want.

We offer a service that is totally focused on the customer in hand with an undiluted approach to selling property. There are no extra services that we are selling, no hard sell like all the other agents who have additional vested interest in mortgages, their conveyancing, utility products and overseas property etc.

By focusing on our core traditional values, we can preserve our commitment to our customers and they will come first. It is as simple as that!.

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Trust Us

By entrusting us with your home we will make every endeavour to look after you and your best interests. Whether we are on viewings, assure the security of your home or obtaining the best price. We offer unbiased advice. It may sound boring, but the Property Ombudsman for Estate Agents scheme plays an important role in ensuring high professional standards among estate agents - and peace of mind for their customers. As well as laying down a code of practice, it provides an independent channel for dealing with any complaints against estate agents. We are a member of the scheme.

Would you believe there are still estate agents who do not participate in this voluntary scheme of redress allowing them to operate freely on their own without the same responsibilities?.

When choosing an agent, you should check their credentials, and ensure you are dealing with a member of the scheme so you can be confident about the firm' s approach and where, if you feel disadvantaged, you have access to an independent judgement of any complaint.

We have been involved with thousands of completed house sales transactions over the years so we understand what people are going through and we are on your side. Our commitment is to be personally involved from point of instruction through to your completion and beyond.

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Better trained staff

 All staff are fully trained and undertake professional qualifications.

At Lock and Key, we work very hard at recruiting the most enthusiastic and energetic people we can find. But, vital though they are, energy and enthusiasm can only take you so far. When things get a little bumpy, as they sometimes do in our business, professionalism and problem-solving ability come into their own. Which is why we take training and staff development very seriously.

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Local knowledge

office If you want to sell your home fast, and at the best possible price, you need an estate agent who knows the local property market inside out and upside down. Oh yes, and back to front. That would be Lock and Key.

In any case, we know your neighbourhood. We know your street. And we know pretty much exactly the right price to ask for your home to find the right buyer.

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Buyers beyond Melksham

What about potential buyers for your home from outside Lock and Keys patch here in Melksham? Rest assured, we' ve got the entire country covered - through our membership of the National Asscoiation of Estate agents, we belong to Home Link, a group of around 600 member offices of like minded professionals throughout the UK and abroad. This gives you access to a network of agents all working to the NAEA' s Rules of Conduct who are able to assist both buyers and sellers of property both in the UK and abroad.

We subscribe to the leading property portals which means your property is accessible to anyone who has access to the internet.

We are committed to making the moving experience straightforward by providing you with access to a professional friendly property service

Of course we cover the traditional forms of advertising and your property will be placed in the local and regional press along with property magazines across Wiltshire ensuring your property will reach buyers beyond Melksham.

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Sharper image

office From the interior design of our offices to the "street art" of our for sale boards, we like to think that Lock and Key is rather more stylish than the average estate agent. Why should that matter to you? Because when you put your home up for sale, you' re putting it in the spotlight. And everything about the way it' s presented - from the moment a potential buyer first receives the details or sees it advertised - can help to create a positive impression. In short, we showcase your home in the best possible light.

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At Lock and Key we' ve always been rather keen on new technology. Not, of course, in a geeky way, but because we believe it helps us stay one step ahead in providing our clients with a better, more efficient service. Your home will be showcased using the state of the art technology and we hope we can bring your hard endeavours to life and make your home a reality for buyers to view and purchase.

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